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Looking to Source Products?

Manitoba's diverse economy has the skilled workers and industry sectors to supply your business with what you need. MTI can help you source the products to expand your business with access to information about more than 1,500 manufacturers and 1,900 exporters.

Whether you’re Manitoba company looking for a local product source or an international company seeking a new supplier, you'll find Manitoba-made products are second to none.

Linking you to the right networks

As with any business activity, developing appropriate links and networks is a major part of achieving success. In addition to the in-house services MTI provides, we are also able to provide access to a wide network developed over our many years of work in export development.

MTI can link you to:

  • export development and financing organizations
  • a network of over 150 Canadian trade offices around the world
  • export-related agencies in Manitoba and Canada

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